Hand and Armpit Sweats

Surgical treatment of patients with high quality of sweating (hyperhidrosis) may result in superior results compared to other treatment modalities. The endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) surgery is used to separate the sympathetic nerves that control the activation of hand and armpit sweating or to block their activity by clipping. Complicatory (reflex) sweating is the most important complication that should be known in patients who are successfully treated with 1-2% complication rates of hand and armpit sweating by closed method (videothoracoscopic). A single level (T3 or T4) is seen in 10-30% of patients undergoing operation and may require the person to change their clothes during the day. In patients who are operated with clipping method, it is possible to remove the clips by 40-50%. With the same method, flushing and facial sweating can also be treated.